Extra Duty S4 sequential shift transaxle

                               Simplicity and extra durability, that's what the S4 delivers.  No more H                                       pattern, just pull to shift up, push to shift down, just like a motorcycle. 
                            This exciting new transaxle fills the void for many high powered off-road                                   applications.
                          It goes beyond the capabilities of our MD4-2D in many ways, yet it fits the                                same chassis mounts. 

                     If you're considering an upgrade from an MD4 some minor spacer work will
                    be needed on your motor mounts to raise the motor slightly. 
                  With the larger transmission gears of the S4 the input shaft had to be raised,                           which in turn raises the bell housing about 3/4" higher in relation to MD4. 
               The other area to confirm is the clearance on the top of the transmission case.                       Although the differential are of the S4 is the same height, the S4 transmission area              of the case is about 2" higher than the MD4 case. 
          The differential area of the case is the same height, but the transmission area is                    higher between the differential and the end of the transaxle where the shifter is. 

   Cable activated shifter
  4.57 ring and pinion
  Dog ring engagement-removable face plates
All new EN36C gear sets - 1" face widths, much larger shaft centers
Dual disc 1 3/16 - 18 clutch packs
935 drive stubs
Uses same chassis mount pattern as the MD4 (minor difference in engine height) 
Can be run upside-down for low engine road race applications
Cooling pump, optional
550-900 HP range, sand applications
A perfect match for LS1 or Northstar V8s
Prices subject to change without notice

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